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500 Backgrounds, Templates, Frames    

Use for Seniors, Weddings Glamour, Page layouts, and more!

sample senior memory mates and backgrounds

100 all new templates and backgrounds

Bold Contemporary Templates and Backgrounds

Senior templates

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Senior template with matching backgrounds

Senior Templates

Senior Templates

Masked senior templates

Senior frames

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Bonus- Free 100 Photoshop textures





500+ Backgrounds / Templates & Frames on a 2-DVD set.

Open a normal photo in your editing software, cut out the subject from the background. Open our background & drag the subject into it. Or use our templates- just drag in you photo(s), adjust size. Your done, add text if you wish, print it, upload it to a photo lab, use it for a web page, or a background for your desk top.

Make an ordinary photo extraordinary.









Bonus- Includes template training video

demo video

See sample tutorial


All text is editable, change it or remove it.

Works with Adobe Photoshop 7 or any program that works with PSD, layers, masks.


All templates have editable year field or tags for 2009,2010, & 2011.


High quality, high density backgrounds



Templates in PSD Photoshop Format / Backgrounds in tiff format


Reusable templates to make your own Memory mates or page layouts. For professionals and parents, personal and commercial use.



All templates are in 8X10 @ 300dpi and can be resized.





Working with your program that works with layers, you will find our backgrounds easy to use. Use the high quality backgrounds as they are- just open in your favorite program, then drag and drop your cutout photos in. You’re done, hit print, download to your favorite on line processing site or take your file to your local lab. Complete step by step instructions are included.






Backgrounds are in 8X10 300dpi formats and can be modified for any size from wallet to 16 X 20. Complete instructions included.









Yes you can! Just some fundamental familiarity with Photoshop or your photo editing software that supports layers / PSD formats (the industry standard) is all you need.









Works in a snap!  photos drag and drop into your background, tailor it to your needs, add or remove text, and your done! Upload it to your favorite on line lab or take the file to your local X-mart for 1 hour photos.








When shoot a photo with the intent to remove the subject from the background it is easer to do it against a background of a solid color. Chromakey or green screens are backgrounds designed for this purpose; normally they will be green or blue. Based on the clothing and skin tones of the subject, other colors such as black or white, work equally as well or better. The key is in the proper lighting and distance between the subject and the background.
The disadvantage of using bright colors is they can reflect \ cast color back on the subject. While this can be easily fixed using the color replacement tool, its even easier to work at getting it right to start with. Don’t be afraid to play around with different ideas and avoid shadows.
That said any subject can be cut out from any background, it just takes a bit more effort.






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Complete instructions included.

Not recommended for Adobe Elements

All of our templates and backgrounds require a photo editing software. There are many photo editing programs that will work well, they must be layers capable. We use and recommend Photoshop. Photoshop 6 or above can be found on eBay or for the latest go to http://www.adobe.com/products  Also a free, open source photo editing software package called GIMP is available at http://www.gimp.org








No downloading- It is all on the disks.

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