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Demo Video

Watch our demo video to see how the templates work.

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Document files

include- The complete instruction manual, Information on organizing a yearbook staff, Creating a ladder diagram, A ladder diagram template,  Choosing a theme for your yearbook, over 2000 included, How to generate better sales, Other methods of paying for yearbook, Photoshop keyboard shortcuts diagram.

links Included

Over 75 links to information on:

What should be in my yearbook?

With the ladder diagram?

How can I organize the content?

How to make it look professional.

How compose a photo.

Tips for photographing sports.

What not to shoot.

Taking better pictures.

What is copyrighted?

Can I use copyrighted material?

What is a yearbook theme?

How we develop a theme?

Should I use quotes in the yearbook.

How should the staff cover story?

How can it be better reporter?

How write captions.

Common grammar errors.

Common spelling errors.

How to sell yearbook.

Planning a signing party.

How to sell ads.

Can we do a fundraiser?

Presale promotional planning.

Organizing the staff.

Surviving the first week.

Keeping track of my pages.

Creating deadlines.

Photoshop tips and tricks.

277 Fonts Included



Complete layout sheets for church directories





Candid Layout sheets









*Candid Layouts

*Directory layouts


*Grade Tags


*No Photo tags

*Portrait Layouts

*Sales Poster templates









These templates allow you to create and manage your yearbook, church directory, or memory book using Photoshop. Whether you make 1 book or a 1000 books, you can  print your book using a publishing house, a small book maker, you're in house printer, or your local office supply store.

Included are recommendations on binding methods.





For those looking for 40 books or more we have a great, stand alone, free software package for those who print their books with us.




12 page layouts for candid photos




Grade tags can be added to pages to indicate class.





"No photo tags" can be added in place of missing student photos.

13 tags included



Using your copy of Photoshop we have a complete package to help you create your own yearbook, memory book, or church directory. Our layout templates make it easier than ever to make class pages up to 30 students per page. Create different layout patterns based on the number students and the template chosen. You'll be able to use rectangles or ovals, put borders around the photos in any color, choose from over 250 backgrounds or create your own, choose a font your already have or choose from the 275 included, add clip art from the over 900 pieces included or add your own. Tons of video and instructions included everything you need but Photoshop.

Choose your pattern, background, grade tag and clip art. Photo align with guides and names auto align. Click here to find it at our eBay Store

250 Backgrounds


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